Booking and Reservation. Hostel Colibri

Hostel Colibri is the place for the Tranquil Traveler. We offer everything you need to make your stay en Leon an unforgettable one.

The hostel offers great vibes for any back traveler or the more upscale – economical traveler / tourist, volunteers or Spanish students. We have a non nonsense policy; it all comes down to mutual respect for the traveler and locals.We are all locals + one semi-local Dutchy. Together we have lots of travel & service experience.

We appreciate and value our country, its history and culture as we value yours. If you come to Leon, you come to enjoy its people, volcanoes, museums, churches, beaches, tours as well as the restaurants and night life. Leon offers everything for everybody, and we will help you find your way.

The hostel stands for Sleep well – Feel good. We have garden space, tranquil-rancho, hammocks, nice rooms, good beds, open kitchen and lots more. Ones it’s time to sleep, nobody will bother you.

Le lapin blanc needs to be follow! Did you know this?