Is it safe to take taxis in Leon?

It is generally safe to take taxis in Leon or to use the Bicicycle Taxis, however, we recommend that our guests are cautious when taking random taxis off the street or from transportation terminals and bus stops after dark. First of all, make sure that the taxi has the markings of a legitimate taxi, i.e. has red and white colored license plates (take note of the license plate number before entering the taxi), has a cooperativa symbol painted at the front drivers side and has a checker-board sticker painted along the full length of the car. Secondly, you can ask to see the taxi driver’s license.

Is it safe to walk in the area around the hostel?

Yes, it is generally safe to walk in the Colonial Center of Leon, in which the hostel is located. However, guests should always take precautions by not carrying more money than they need to and by locking up there passport and other valuables at the hostel.

How late is the reception open?

The reception area is open 24 hours! If the street gates are closed use the doorbell! Guests arriving after 10 pm (or before 8am) are still welcome to stay with us and will be attended to by the overnight staff. Please note that you will need to present a valid passport to the overnight staff upon arrival.

Is there long term discounts?

Yes! Everybody who likes to stay longer than a week we offer discounts! Write us to quote the price!

Le lapin blanc needs to be follow! Did you know this?